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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Established in 1998, Speed Medical is a leading provider of medical reports and associated rehabilitation services to the legal profession and insurance market. Producing over 90,000 medical reports a year and with over 145 members of staff, we recognise that the delivery of our service has a direct impact on the environment and local community. Where possible, we endeavour to mitigate this impact to the best of our abilities, in order to ensure we are reducing our impact we will aim to:

1. Employees

1.1 Encourage employees to actively support charities and clubs within the local community.

1.2 Ensure that employees have the opportunity to realise their full potential and have the tools necessary to develop and grow through training, both compulsory and optional.

1.3 Operate an open door policy allowing employees to raise any concerns with line managers and human resource personnel, this policy will ensure that employees are not victimised for doing so.

1.4 Ensure that each employee’s traditions and beliefs are respected.

1.5 Maintain communication with employees so as to ensure this and all other policies are actively exercised.

1.6 Encourage employees to ‘think outside of the box’ and offer suggestions as to how any policy or process can be improved.

1.7 Reward employees for hard work and innovative thinking should the idea help in the running of the business.

1.8 Protect each employee or supplier from third parties who may become abusive; this includes customers, suppliers and the general public.

1.9 Ensure that employees protect and do not misuse company assets only use them in an appropriate manner as set out in the employee contract.

1.10 Make certain that all employees are aware of the impact that we as a business and they as individuals have on the external environment.


2. The Business

2.1 Minimise our usage of electricity by ensuring all electrical appliances, where possible, are switched off at the end of each day.

2.2 Develop stronger relationships with all stakeholders.

2.3 Adhere to all relevant legislation surrounding our industry and, where necessary, will seek legal advice in order to ensure honest trade.

2.4 Host charitable events, when possible, in order to raise funds for local, national and worldwide charities.

2.5 Compete fairly within our industry.


3. Bribery

3.1 Comply with the Bribery Act 2010 and any amendments made to such legislation and acts.

3.2 Make certain that no employee working on behalf of Speed Medical shall accept or offer a bribe.

3.3 Put in place necessary procedures in order to adhere to the Bribery Act 2010.


4. Gifts

4.1 Maintain that no employee shall accept personal gifts from customers or suppliers. If any employee is unsure as to whether what they are being offered constitutes as a gift then they are to consult their line manager.


5. Conflicts of Interest

5.1 Instil on our employees that they must respect the privacy of each member of the company. Each member is encouraged to avoid any activities which could conflict with their responsibilities to the company.


6. Confidentiality

6.1 Ensure all employees adhere to the legislation included in and surrounding the Data Protection Act 1998, as set out in our internal Data Protection Policy which is signed by each employee.


7. Health And Safety

7.1 Maintain a safe working environment for all employees and also a safe consulting environment for clients. We have recently begun researching, with a view to implementing, steps to help bring awareness surrounding, and to ultimately create, a healthier work force.


8. Environmental

8.1 Have a separate Environmental Policy which addresses all issues surrounding this area. We are committed to delivering on all of our individual targets.

8.2 Utilise technology throughout our processes to reduce our paper usage and reliance on natural materials and resources.

8.3 Suppress our requirement for energy by reducing case duration and operational processes.


9. Customers

9.1 Constantly strive to provide efficient, value for money, high quality and dependable services to all customers.

9.2 Ensure all employees are to act in an honest and professional manner when dealing with all customers.

9.3 Make sure all employees remain aware that they are being trusted with highly sensitive information and must not break the trust that our customers, suppliers and company as a whole have in them.


10. Supply Chain

10.1 Maintain working relationships as they are key to the success of our business.

10.2 Ensure that the individuals who we outsource to are not in breach of any legislation surrounding their profession or our industry as a whole.


11. The Local Community

11.1 Recruit employees from the local community.

11.2 Be aware that our business affects our local and wider community whether as employees, customers or suppliers so we are constantly striving to build partnerships in order to create positive change.


12. Security

12.1 Ensure that the building is safe at all times so as to ensure this information is not disclosed.

12.2 Ensure that our IT systems are well guarded and secure for the same reason.

12.3 Provide a safe working environment for all employees and a safe examining environment for all customers visiting us.


13. Employment

13.1 Create equal opportunities for all employees.

13.2 Ensure all members of the company will not discriminate against colleagues or employees as per, but not exclusive to, the protected characteristics as detailed in the Equality Act 2010.

13.3 Treat seriously any person who is found to be non-compliant of section 13.2 will be treated seriously as this will not be tolerated.

13.4 Ensure all recruitment will be fair and consistent to each candidate.

13.5 Ensure that any employee who feels that they have grounds for complaint must follow the company’s grievance procedure which is accessible to all.

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