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Physical Rehabilitation Services

Physical Rehabilitation Services Treatment at the earliest opportunity

Our physical rehabilitation offering has been designed to adapt to different injury types from road traffic injuries to complex and multi-track injuries. 

Our unrivalled expert panel includes thousands of physiotherapists who, along with other specialist providers, facilitate hundreds of thousands of treatment sessions every year.

Treatments covered include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture 


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services: 

Early Intervention

We can offer early intervention physiotherapy from day one of the injured party’s accident. Our effective triage process allows us to identify the extent of the person’s injuries and quickly begin treatment allowing you to focus on the next steps in your case. 

We understand that control over your case is crucial but keeping things moving is your priority which is why we can agree delegated authority terms to ensure your client is seen and treated at the earliest opportunity, irrelevant of what stage the medical report is at. 

Client engagement is key to a successful recovery. We’ll attempt to call your client within 24 hours to conduct a telephone triage assessment using our questionnaire - developed by our own experts and overseen by our Head of Clinical Delivery.

Post medical report Physiotherapy

When the need for physiotherapy is identified within a medical report we’ll facilitate the treatment required at the earliest opportunity and convenience for your client. 

If the medical report is provided by us, we’ll highlight any recommendations for physiotherapy and provide costs with a view to saving you time and money in sourcing an additional rehabilitation provider. 


Treatment Services:

Our treatment offering is endless; we facilitate thousands of treatment sessions every year in over 1000 venues across the UK. Ranging from Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Treatment to Steroid Injections and Dental Treatment, there is no end to the limits of our service provision in the pursuit of positive rehabilitative outcomes. On the rare occasion that we don’t have a suitable expert in the targeted location already on our panel we’ll find and recruit one to act on your case swiftly. 

We don’t just stop at the treatment either; we can facilitate all aspects of further rehabilitation. Anything from driving lessons designed to build back confidence to cosmetic camouflage and beyond. 


To find out more about the full range of rehabilitation services available please call 0844 4129 368 or email


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