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System Integration

System Integration Transferring data electronically

Through our continuous investment in technology we have developed systems that enable information to be transferred electronically via email, through tunnels, and by accessing customer hosted data directly. To enhance this facility even further the transaction of information doesn’t have to be the same mechanism both ways, as we can operate with any mix.

  • Data transfer – immediately transferred and “live” between two servers.
  • Through a VPN network (secure tunnel).
  • Customer hosted data drawn down into our systems.
  • Emails which are then self-extracted and actioned through the automated system.

We can return information directly into your management systems, and offer real time KPI data which shows all the activities on a case (including the automated transfers and events). This can be accessed by any device via the web.

To find out more about our suite of data transfer options call
0844 4129 368 or email


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